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Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi

I. Location

Telangana Bhavan is situated near India Gate at No.1, Ashoka Road, New Delhi. On one side of the Bhavan is the Hyderabad House, while on the other sides are Ashoka Road, Jaswant Singh Road, Srimant Madhava Rao Scindia Marg, Kasturba Gandhi Marg and M.S. Apartments. It Provides reception and hospitality to State Guests in a cost effective manner, in such a way that it enhances the reputation and image of the State.

The distances from different places to Telangana Bhavan:

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal-I

Palam Marg > Rao Tularam Marg > Shanti Path > Teen Murthi Marg > Akbar Road > Mansingh Road > 3 Jaswant Singh Road > Telangana Pradesh Bhavan - 15 Kms.

New Delhi Railway Station (Ajmeri Gate)

Minto Bridge > Indira Chowk (CP) > Kasturba Gandhi Marg > Shrimanth Madhav Rao Scindia Marg > No3.Jaswant Singh Road > Telangana Bhavan - 06 Kms

Old Delhi Railway Station

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Marg(Opp. Red Fort) > Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg > TilakMarg > India Gate > 1, Ashoka Road > 3 Jaswant Singh Road > Telangana Bhavan - 10 Kms.

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal-II

National highway - No:8 (Mahipalpur) > Rao Tularam Marg > Shanti Path > Teen Murthi Marg > Akbar Road > Man Singh Road > 3 Jaswant Singh Road >Telangana
Bhavan - 23 Kms.

New Delhi Railway Station (Pahar Ganj)

Indira Chowk (CP) > Kasturba Gandhi Marg > Shrimanth Madhav Rao Scindia Marg > No3.Jaswant Singh Road > Telangana Bhavan - 05 Kms.


  • Pursuing the pending issues of the Government of Telangana with ministries and Departments of Government of India.
  • Facilitation for Members of Parliament.
  • Reception/ Accommodation for visiting guests/Protocol for visiting VIPs.
  • Arrangements of State Functions and cultural activities.
  • Dissemination of information from Information Centre regarding schemes of Govt. of Telangana.
  • Arranging exhibitions of Handlooms/Handicrafts, DWCRA items and other Telangana products.

II. About Guest House

Rules for Reservation of Accommodation in Telangana Government Guest House New Delhi

  • Accommodation in Telangana Government Guest House at New Delhi is primarily intended for accommodating the Ministers, Members of Telangana Legislative Assembly, the State government Official of Telangana. Members of Parliament elected from Telangana will also be provided accommodation in the Telangana Government Guest House at New Delhi, on request, at the rates application to State Government Officers for the first seven days and for the stay beyond seven days the charges will be as private guests. If they are already in possession of quarters allotted by the Parliament Secretariat, when provided accommodation in Telangana Government Guest House at New Delhi, they will be charged at the rates applicable to the private Guests. Accommodation in the Guest House may be provided to the others subject of availability after meeting the requirement of those mentioned above.
  • Accommodation will not be provided in the Guest House without specific orders from General Administration Department.
  • Persons who have arrears, outstanding against them, payable to the Guest House may be denied accommodation in the Guest House till arrears are cleared and a certificate to that effect is furnished from the Officer-In charge of the Guest House.
  • State Government officers on official visits to Delhi for Court work will be provided accommodation in the Guest House only on production of specific orders of the Departments concerned indicating that the Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India has requested for the presence of the Officer(s) or that the Department considers the visit essential
  • Officers of State Government deputed for training in Delhi may be provided accommodation in the Guest House, for the duration of the training; subject to the condition that the training institute or the sponsors do not provide residential facilities and proof thereof is furnished. Requests for accommodation in the Guesthouse from these officers will be governed by the following procedure:
    • That every officer, who is deputed for training at New Delhi should invariably send his application for accommodation in Telangana Guest House through the Head of Department concerned duly enclosing a copy of the letter of the sponsors of training and indicate in the application, the lodging facilities etc are not available in the training institution concerned.
    • That the officer deputed for training to New Delhi shall not ordinarily address the Government direct and in the event of short time left, he has to invariably enclose a copy of the letter of sponsor containing the particulars of the availability or otherwise of Hostel facilities etc
    • That all the Heads of Departments shall mark a copy of the proceedings to GA (GH. II) Department in respect of cases where officers are deputed to Delhi for training purpose duly enclosing a copy of the letter of sponsor of training.
    • That no officer shall address the Resident Commissioner, Telangana Guest House, New Delhi for providing accommodation for the purpose of his undergoing training and the Resident Commissioner even if addressed direct shall not consider such claim.
    • That unless the aforesaid conditions are fulfilled the request for accommodation in the Guest House to the trainees will not be considered and no further correspondence will be entertained by the Government.

Reservation Procedure:

  • The requisition/request for reservation should be sent to the Secretary to Government (Political), General Administration Department ordinarily five working days in advance of the date from which accommodation is required. Requests received without adequate advance notice are liable to be rejected.Unless instructions reserving accommodation are issued by the General Admn.Department to the Reception Officer of the Telangana Guest House at New Delhi,under intimation to the concerned parties, it should be taken that accommodation is not available.
  • Accommodation reserved is liable to be cancelled if it becomes necessary to accommodate guests of higher priority or in other unavoidable circumstances. Secretary to Government (political) General Administration Department reserves the right to ask one or more guests to share a room for providing accommodation for an officer of Higher Priority or in other circumstances if it becomes necessary to do so.
  • Under Special circumstances to be recorded and communicated to General administration Department, the Resident Commissioner, Government of Telangana, New Delhi may provide temporary accommodation in the guest House, provided that such arrangements do not interfere with order for reservation issued from the General Administration Department.
  • It should be ensured that the occupants of the rooms in the Guest House are the same guests to whom the rooms are allotted.

Period of Stay:

  • No person shall ordinarily be permitted to stay in the Guest House for more than three days except with the previous specific permission of the Chief Secretary to Government. This provision will not however, apply to the Ministers and officials visiting Delhi on Official duty including the State Government Officials undergoing training at Delhi and accommodated in the Guest House under the rules.
  • Officials of Telangana Government or other Government on transfer to Delhi who wish to be accommodated in the Guest House as temporary arrangements till they secure residential accommodation shall pay 1 ½ times the lodging charges applicable to them after the first 15 days and double the charges after a month. The total period of their stay shall not in any case exceed two months. However, in deserving cases and on request Chief Secretary to Government may permit the stay beyond the period of two months, and in such cases tariff applicable will be as applicable to the Category III guests.
  • Cat I: 100
  • Cat II: 200
  • Cat III: 300
  • Cat IV: 1000
  • Cat V: 3000
  • (All rates are per person. The basic accommodation is on sharing basis.)
Breakages and Losses – Responsibility

The guests occupying the Guest House shall be responsible for any breakages and/or losses caused by them or their family members or their guests, or their staff/servants. In case of breakages, recovery shall be made from the guest concerned at the market value or 200% of the original purchase value, whichever is higher.

Tariff and Settlement of Bills

Every guest shall deposit in advance with the Reception Officer of the guest house, an amount calculated at 75% of the approximate total charges for the stay of each member of the party. All bills for accommodation etc., have to be settled by the Guests before vacating the Guest House. All payments towards settlement of the Guest House bills shall be in cash and cheques or drafts will not be accepted. The guests should settle the bills as presented by the Reception Officer of the Guest House and in case any doubts or complaints about the charges, the guest should correspond with General Administration Department for a decision. The decision of the G.A.D in this regard will be final and no further correspondence in the matter will be entertained.

Register for recording particulars of arrivals/departures etc., of guests

A register shall be kept with the Reception Officer of the Guest House in which all the guests shall enter their names, designation date and time of arrival and nature of visit (ie. On duty or otherwise), as soon as they arrive at the Guest House. Guest who have any complaints or suggestions to make may enter them in the register maintained by the Reception Officer or communicate them by a letter to the Resident Commissioner who shall bring the complaints to the notice of General Administration Department, if he considers them necessary. Otherwise he himself may take suitable action.


The catering in the Guest House is entrusted to a private contract caterer The charges prescribed therein are liable to revised from time to time as per contract agreement without notice to the Guest; Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served by the caterer in the dining hall of the guest house during the hours fixed by the Resident Commissioner, Telangana Bhavan , New Delhi.

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