Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has greeted Telangana youth on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day.

Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has greeted Telangana youth on the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day. He said the state government is striving to make available the fruits of the Telangana state achieved to the youth in the present and for future generations. The state has prepared proper plans and implementing in this direction. He said the infrastructure in all the sectors, which were destroyed under past rulers, are built again and with development and welfare schemes they are being revived.

The CM said the government is of the firm view true development is when a qualitative change among lives of all sections of people is achieved. Hence in the priority order development agenda is top on the list. The action plan implemented for the past seven years by the government for urban and rural youth employment came to a decisive stage. He said the government’s aim is to create wealth and distribute the same to the people. In the state, the situation is such that youth can enjoy the fruits of self-governed state.

He said Irrigation, power sector were put on the rails, agriculture is developed, several programme are being implemented for the welfare of farmers and artisans. The integrated development action plan in the state is yielding good results and rural economy is strengthened where by rural youth will get employment. In the urban areas too, programmes are implemented to better the employment chances of the youth. The government has created lakhs of jobs for youth in the industries and IT sector. In the government sector so far 1.30 Lakh above jobs were given. With new Zonal system getting the permission and clarity arrived, measures to recruit 50,000 more has started. In future recruitment will be done as per the Job Calendar.

The CM said there is a lot effort on the government side, which resulted in youth getting attracted towards agriculture sector. Lakhs of jobs are being created in industry, IT, Commerce sectors along with agriculture and its allied sectors. In tune with change in times, youth should update their skills. Telangana youth are efficient and if skills are added to this, there will be no one to challenge them. The state government is making special efforts to improve skills among the youth. To get jobs in IT and technology sectors, Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) was established for the first time in the country. Youth after graduation are given technical skill education in tune with the demands from the IT and technology companies. The state IT policy is also framed to encourage youth and through T SAT unemployed are given training, the CM said.

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