Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has greeted Tribal brothers and sisters on the occasion of the World Tribal Day

Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has greeted Tribal brothers and sisters on the occasion of the World Tribal Day (Aug 9). The CM described the Tribal people as the pure people who live as part of the nature and they are the symbols for true affection, love, compassion and other such values, which still exist in the human society. He said under the self-governance, the state government is implementing a plethora of programmes for the welfare and development of the Tribes in the State.


The CM said the government is providing education, medical, drinking water and power supply in the Tribal Gudems. The government had also created special medical facilities for them. The government was able to prevent the deaths of tribals due to viral fevers. The government had fulfilled the aspirations of the Tribes that our rule in our Thanda/Gudem. The Tribal Thandas and Gudems were converted into Gram Panchayats to make the Tribes part of the self-rule. The government had provided them with an opportunity to become Sarpanches and be part of the state administration. ST SUB Plan is implemented effectively.


Safe and pure drinking water is supplied through Mission Bhagiratha Programme even to the remote Gond Tribal Gudems and tribes are prevented them from contracting diseases through unsafe water. For the education of the tribal boys and girls, the government had created exclusive Residential Gurukulas and imparting them with international level education with all the facilities. An Exclusive IAS Study Circle was formed for them and Sports Colleges too started for them Tribal houses are given free power upto 101 Units and three-phase power is supplied to the Tribal Habitations. The CM said that forestland survey will be done and the issues regarding the Podu Lands would be solved very soon. RythuBandhu is given to the Podu Lands too. The exclusive Tribal Culture is like thread for the garland of the Indian cultural life. KomaramBhim Building is constructed to show case Telangana tribal exclusive culture to the world.  He said that this building is coming up the posh Banjara Hills area in Hyderabad and it is ready for the inauguration. As part of the statues erected on the Tank Bund about the prominent personalities, KomaramBhim Statue was also erected. Museums are set up at several places to protect the Tribal culture. ToopakulaGudem reservoir is renamed as SarakkaSammakka Barrage. The government is organising the festivals of Sammakka-Sarakka, Nagoba, SevalalMaharaj on a large scale. The government is spending several crores on these festivals and getting them recognition all over the country and the world. Marketing facilities are given to the produces collected by the Tribes such as honey under the brand name Giri. Malnourished tribal Children are given nutritious food under Giriposhanprogramme. Special measures are taken under the CM ST Entrepreneurship Scheme to make Tribals as entrepreneurs and businessmen, the CM said.

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