DG Forest Survey of India Review with Forest Department.

The Director General, Forest Survey of India, Dehradun, Sri. Anoopsingh, IFS, recognizing the work done by the State Forest Department in the field of MIS, GIS, DGPS/ DGNSS and Remote Sensing, desired to involve the State Forest Department on various aspects viz., development of the protocol for digitization of forest blocks, improvements desired in e-GreenWatch, Forest fire risk zonation, selection of sites for construction of WHS, plantations and taking up other activities etc. Detailed presentations of the activities and modules of GIS (Geographic information system)  and MISCells(Management Information Systems) of TSFDwere made today to the DG,FSI.Anoopsinghreviewd these with Telangana pccf and other senior officers at Aranya Bhavan today.

It is informed that the data from Parivesh portal (where lifecycle of a forest and wildlife clearance is captured) is required to be transferred to eGreenWatch portal (captures the information on the works taken-up against the project as well as under other head of components of CAMPA), to avoid the redundancy. Similarly the improvisations needed are presented viz., ease of uploading data, ensuring the correctness of data uploaded etc., The site is to be restored for enabling necessary data uploading. The DG, FSI has asked the opinion on revamping of the eGreenWatch portal whether to develop afresh or to modify the existing portal; on which SFD opined to develop afresh using the latest technologies. DG, FSI has informed that detailed discussions will be held to go forward.

A detailed presentation is made on SOP for survey and demarcation of forest areas and informed that necessary proposal has been submitted to Government for approval. It involves two major activities viz., extraction of notional boundaries and identification & fixing of the boundaries in the field. The boundaries will be extracted from the legacy forest and revenue records and the parcels of survey numbers of each village included in the notification will be extracted from the cadastral maps (village layer) geo-referenced with the help of GCPs collected using DGPS/ DGNSS and the ortho-rectified high resolution Satellite Imagery first and wherever field books are available same are plotted and geo-referenced, overlaid on the geo-referenced village layer and adjusted. These notional boundaries are navigated using handheld GNSS, boundaries fixed by a joint survey team involving the adjacent land owners. The disputes will be resolved at different levels.


Once the boundary points/ pillars are fixed, the geo-coordinates are recorded using DGPS/ DGNSS. The proposals for issuing of amendments to Acts and Rules will be submitted to Government for issual of orders. The DG, FSI has suggested to involve SoI, apart from TSRAC and NRSC/RRSC and form a working group for monitoring the digitization of forest boundaries.

The other works like site suitability for WHS, forest fire risk zonation, encroachment mapping, inventory, modules of FMIS were also presented, which are appreciated by the DG, FSI. He stated that no other State in the country has done this much using advanced technologies.

The DG has appreciated the work done by the State Forest Department and desired to establish a dedicated cell of FSI within the premises of Aranya Bhawan and requested to provide the space, the necessary manpower. Hardware and software will be provided by FSI. It was informed by PCCF & HoFF Smt. R.Sobha, IFS, that a letter has been addressed in this regard accepting the proposal. A dedicated working group will be created for interaction and discussions on various aspects with FSI.

All Senior Officers in Aranya Bhavan including pccf (SF) RM Dobriyal, pccf (Campa) lokeshjayaswal, adlpccfssiddanandkukreti, a.k. sinha, M.J. Akbar and other officers attended and interacted with DG FSI.

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