Director, Ayush held a Press Meet.

Homeopathic protocol In the prevention of Mucormycosis and

         Adjuvant treatment of Mucormycosis through Homeo medicines as adjuvant.

As per the instructions of our Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri K.Chandra Shekar Rao, the Telangana State Chief Secretary Sri. Somesh Kumar IAS, Director, Dept of AYUSH, T.S, Dr.Alagu Varsini,IAS, has conducted the press meet at J.S.P.S Government Homoeopathic medical college, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.  Prof Dr.N.Linga Raju, Principal/Addl. Director(Homoeo), AYUSH ,T.S, Prof Dr.Ch. Srinivas Reddy , Prof Dr.K .Rajani Chander, Dr.Sridevi superintendent(I/C) attended the meeting and inputs from the other faculty members finally suggested the following Homoeopathic protocol for the prevention of Mucormycosis and specific symptomatic treatment of Mucormycosis

  1. Prevention of Mucormycosis:

In recent times it is observed that the patients who are re covering from the COVID-19 specially people who are known case of diabetes or found to be diabetic during the course of treatment with steroids are vulnerable for mucormycosis. During the convalescent period the patients who are in severe debilitating state with extreme prostration in such type of cases mucormycosis can be prevented by giving the following medicines.

       a. Name of the Medicine : Arsenic – Alb 200

        Dosage                     : Daily two times 6 Pills each time

        Duration                    : For 5 days

      b. Name of the Medicine : Five. Phos 6x tablets

       Dosage                     : Daily two times 3 tabs each time

       Duration                    : For 30 days

2Specific (symptomatic) treatment for Mucormycosis as an adjuvant.

As it is well aware that Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on Individualisation and the mucormycosis is not an exception for this. In the treatment of mucormycosis one must strictly go through individualistic presentation of each case.

The following medicines as per the indications can be used individually one medicine at a time on the advice and under supervision of qualified Homoeopathic physician in the treatment of mucormycosis.


Drugs Potency Dosage
Rhinocerebral mucormycosis Arsenic-Alb

Kali Bich,

Merc.Iod. Rubrum,

Merc. Iod. Flavum,

Merc. Sol,



Carbo Animalis

200 potency

Daily two times 6 pills each time for 5 days

Pulmonary mucormycosis Arsenic – Alb



Carbo Animalis


200 potency

Daily two times 6 pills each time for 5 days

Cutaneous mucormycosis Arsenic –Alb


Merc. sol


200 potency

Daily two times 6 pills each time for 5 days

Gastrointestinal mucormycosis Arsenic – Alb


Nitric Acid

200 potency

Daily two times 6 pills each time for 5 days


Note: Apart from these lists of medicines any other medicine and any other  potency may be prescribed basing on the symptom similarity in a given case

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