Hon’ble Governor – Screening and Awareness are vital in the prevention of Cervical Cancer.


Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad

Date: 25.06.2021


Screening and Awareness are vital in the prevention of Cervical Cancer: Governor


Hyderabad, June 25: Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan on Friday stated that creating better awareness and motivating women to undergo simple screening tests are vital in the prevention of Cervical Cancer.

She said that Cervical Cancer was claiming lives of more than 60,000 women every year in India.

“The numbers of deaths are alarming and anguishing in our country despite the fact that the Cervical Cancer is preventable and curable, if detected early,” she added.

The Governor was virtually addressing the “Consensus meeting towards the elimination of Cervical Cancer-Making a Roadmap for India,” organised the Safdarjung Hospital and Vardhaman Medical College, New Delhi.

The Governor expressed concern that India is witnessing the largest number of Cervical Cancer cases and deaths in the world.

“It is high time that we intensify the screening camps and create awareness among women to take the simple screening tests to detect the Cervical Cancer in early stages. As the Cervical Cancer has a well defined, and a long pre-malignant phase, it can also be detected, prevented, and treated,” she added.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan called upon the government and non-governmental agencies to conduct massive number of screening camps and help the women to prevent the cervical cancer.

The Governor urged the women to utilise the cancer screening camps being conducted by the Central government under its Ayushman Bharath scheme.

“We must educate and empower the women to prevent and fight the cancers that are taking too many precious lives every year. It is time that we reduce the incidence and mortality rate,” she added.

Organising Chairperson Dr. Saritha Shamsundar, president of the organising committee Dr. Shankar Narayan, MNJ Cancer Institute director Dr N Jayalatha were among others who spoke.

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