Land Acquisition of Ac.24.08 Gts situated at Baswapur Village of Koheda mandal for Excavation of LD6 distributor Canal of RMC for Ranganayakasagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram Project.

                                  GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA
                                        REVENUE DEPARTMENT

The Commissioner,
Information and Public Relatioru
Ac Guards, Hyderabad,
Telangana State.
lr. No. G1′ / 877 / 2021, Date: 05.06.2021.

Sub: – Land Acquisition – Siddipet District – RFCTLARR Act 2013 – Koheda
Mandal – Baswapur Village – Acquisition of lands to an extent of
Ac. 24.08 gts for Excavation of excavation of LDG Right canal of Sri
Ranganayakasagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram project

publication of
Declaration in (2) Daily News papers – Request – Regarding.
Ref: – The Revenue Divisional Officer, Husnabad I-t.No. C/ 434/2020,

It is to submit that a copy of the approved Declaration under section 19(1) of
RFCTLARR Act 2013 for acquisition of land to an extent of Ac 24.0g gts situated within
the limits of Baswapur village of Koheda Mandal for Excavation of excavation of LD6
Right canal of sri Ranganayakasagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram project is
communicated herewith.
I therefore, request kindly anange to publish the same in (2) daily News papers
circulating in the locality of siddipet District.



P. Venkatrama Reddy, I.A.S.,
District Collector,
Encl : ( Approved Declaration).

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