Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad.

PRESS NOTE                                                                               08.06.2021


Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad


Press Note


A  male Gaur Calf was born at the Nehru Zoological Park on 02.06.2021 on the auspicious occasion of Telangana Formation Day and was named Komaram Bheem, as a mark of respect to the legendary Hero of the Tribals who sacrificed his life fighting for the rights of the marginalised poor of Telangana.

The Gaur, also known as the Indian Bison, is a strong and massively built bovine, and one of the largest member of the family Bovidae. The mighty mega herbivore calf was christened after the Tribal Hero as a mark of respect. On 08.06.2021, certain sections of press have reported that the naming of the calf has offended the family members and followers of the legendary hero.It is clarified that the naming was meant as a mark of respect, and no disrespect was intended. However, keeping the sentiments of the family and followers of the legend, the name “Komaram Bheem” is dropped.


Nehru Zoological Park,


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