One crore and thirty lakh devotees came for this year’s Jatara.

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Media Center Medaram, 19.2.2022:

One crore and thirty lakh devotees came for this year’s Jatara. We organized the fair like never before. Thanks to everyone who worked hard for the success of the fair. The authorities have worked to enhance the prestige and respect of the fair. State Rural Development Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao said the mothers’ visit was made without any inconvenience to every single devotee who came to the fair. Today is the last day of the fair
Ministers Indira Reddy, District Collector and SP held a press conference today. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Rural Development expressed his special gratitude to the officers and staff of Sanitation, Health, Transport, Police, Revenue and other departments who worked hard for the success of the fair. The cooperation of the priests and tribals in particular was invaluable. Special thanks to the media on the occasion as well. The uniqueness of the fair and the facts were conveyed to the people, regardless of their health, despite the adverse conditions. He said that the media services covered by hard work day and night are unchanging. He said that minor mistakes were made in the last fair and the fair was organized properly without any error in the fair. About 60 lakh devotees came to Madurai before the arrival of the mothers and 60 to 70 lakh devotees visited the mothers during the fair. He estimated that about 20 to 30 lakh crore devotees have come this year. About 1,200 officials from different districts were on duty to manage the fair. More than 900 paramedics, more than 10,000 police and 4,000 sanitation workers have been deployed from all departments. 6700 temporary and 300 permanent toilets have been constructed across the fair. . He said that with the blessing of the mothers, the corona had subsided and that the fair had ended without any trouble .
Speaking to the media before that central released less budget
expressed impatience over the non-allocation of funds like Kumbh Mela. He said the state government had allocated funds in a timely manner and organized the fair with pride.
Revenue Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy said the state government had made all the arrangements and successfully completed the largest fair in Asia. Police said the RTC would soon take steps to construct permanent sheds for other major branches. He said that the fair was completed without any complaint that there was no disturbance in the traffic control and sight of the devotees. Authorities thanked the devotees as they were happy to have the darshan in such a short time.
Mulugu District Collector Krishnaditya said that he congratulated all those who contributed to the success of the fair. The District Collector on the occasion expressed his special gratitude to the Ministers and the people’s representatives for their support in making suggestions and suggestions from time to time. He said that the work on the fair started six months ago and was completed on time. He said that special attention was paid to the transport so that there would be no disruption to the transport. This year the devotees also stayed for one day and went to see their mothers. To this extent some congestion has been reduced. He said that special attention was paid to the parking lots and the entry and exit gates did not cause any traffic problems. It is said that a large number of devotees came to Medara before the Jatara, which was visited by over 5 lakh people on Sunday alone. Medical camps were set up two weeks before the fair. The IMA thanked them for their cooperation with the Red Cross. Special measures have been taken for sanitation. One DPO has been allotted in each sector and sanitation measures have been taken from time to time. The District Collector explained that this time we have taken care of sanitation more than the last fair by allocating water tanks and mini dozers sub-sector wise. The Collector thanked the state government, the district administration and the people’s representatives for their dedicated efforts to ensure the success of the state government’s release of funds 4 months before the Jatara arrangements. The Collector said that tenders for construction of sheds at Mucherla Chelwai and Thadwai have been finalized and work is underway to focus on permanent arrangements for the devotees coming to Medaram.
The SP said the fair was peaceful and thanked the former Warangal district police for their cooperation. Special thanks were extended to the Warangal CP for making arrangements for the transport of the devotees coming from the Warangal side without any interruption. Narlapur Thadwai, who similarly co-operated with the parking lot, thanked the farmers that it would not have been possible without their cooperation. IG thanked everyone who cooperated in allocating the necessary staff to the provision.

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