Sri Arvind Kumar, IAS., Special Chief Secretary, MA&UD held a review meeting today at Jawaharnagar Dump yard with officials.

The Special Chief Secretary, MA&UD Sri. Arvind Kumar, IAS held a review meeting today at Jawaharnagar Dump yard with officials from GHMC, HMDA, HMWSSB, HRDCL, SNDP, RAMKY and Mayors/Chairpersons & Municipal Commissioners of Nagaram, Dammaiguda and Jawahar Nagar. GHMC Commissioner Sri Lokesh Kumar, ENC Sri Ziauddin, ENC Public Health Sri Sridhar were also present.

The Special Chief Secretary reviewed the status of ongoing works taken up in these three ULBs department wise and discussed about new works to be taken up. Further, RAMKY Enviro was directed to speed up the leachate treatment facility and ensure stench control in surrounding areas.


In a bid to provide water supply infrastructure to the extended areas outside GHMC limits within Outer Ring Road (ORR), HMWSSB has taken up works worth Rs. 209.63 Cr in these three ULBs. Details of the same are mentioned below:

Name of the ULB No of Reservoirs Total Capacity Cost of Reservoirs (In Crores)
Jawahar Nagar 7 9.6 ML 6.41
Dammaiguda 5 3.79 ML 10.45
Nagaram 13 6.16 ML 15
Total 31.86


Name of the ULB Pipeline Network Cost (In Crores)
Jawahar Nagar 229.17 kms 74.36
Dammaiguda 112.8 kms 37.56
Nagaram 166.2 kms 65.85
Total 177.77


In addition to this, following request from these ULBs, the Special CS directed HMWSSB officials to consider extending free water supply scheme of 20KL to these ULBs owing to polluted ground water due to proximity to the dumpyard and submit a report.


Similarly, in order to ensure better connectivity, HRDCL, after consultation with each ULB has taken up construction of a total of 10 Missing Link roads covering 26.15 kms.All these works are currently in tender stage.






ULB wise details are as mentioned:

Name of the ULB No of Link Roads Length Cost (In Crores)
Jawahar Nagar 4 7.55 kms 97
Dammaiguda 2 4.5 kms 55
Nagaram 4 14.1 kms 179.8
Total 331.8 Cr



In order to avoid flooding during heavy rains in low lying areas of these ULBs, a comprehensive plan to link 4 major lakes in the area has been taken up. Due to the natural downstream, water from Jawahar Nagar dump yard flows through Dammai Cheruvu to NasinCheruvu, NasinCheruvu to KomatikuntaCheruvu and KomatikuntaCheruvu to CherlapallyCheruvu via Dhayara Kunta. While the first and third have already been sanctioned, the Special CS instructed the HMDA and SNDP officials to submit a report on the most effective way to connect these 4 lakes and have sluice valves in order to maintain water levels and prevent flooding. Accordingly, the storm water drain work fromNasinCheruvu to KomatikuntaCheruvuto be taken up.

Apart from this, SNDP is taking up other SWD works in these ULBs as mentioned below:

Name of the ULB No of SWD stretches Length
Jawahar Nagar 5 ~6.0 kms
Dammaiguda 4 6.2 kms
Nagaram 3 2.66 kms


Further, to strengthen the infrastructure in these ULBs on priority, the Metropolitan Commissioner accorded administrative sanction for 9 works amounting to Rs. 20.42 Cr dt. 11.08.22 to take up underground drainage, laying of CC roads, beautification of DammaiCheruvu, etc. While the works has commenced for three, others are in tender stage and will be taken up immediately.


Leachate Treatment plant:

The Special CS also reviewed the progress of the Leachate Treatment plant set up by RAMKY in Jawahar Nagar dumpyard. A 2 MLD leachate treatment plant is being set up and 1 MLD is already functional. He directed the concerned to ensure that the plant is working on full capacity by Oct, 1st week and exhaust the leachate in the main Malkaram Tank in 6 months, before the next monsoon.

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