Telangana Government State Innovation Center.

Telangana Government State Innovation Center signs MoU with Kautilya School of Public Policy to establish Social Innovation Ecosystem in the State.

Appoints Kautilya School of Public Policy as the research partner to understand social innovation business models to aid informed decision making

Aims to explore mutually beneficial opportunities to deepen engagement with the student community.

Hyderabad, 11 May 2021: Kautilya School of Public Policy (KSPP), GITAM Deemed to be University, Hyderabad has signed an MoU with the Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), an initiative by the Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Department, Government of Telangana. The MoU signed by Mr. Ravi Narayan, Chief Innovation Officer, Government of Telangana, Prof. D Gunasekaran Registrar of GITAM, and Mr. Sridhar Pabbisetty, Founding Director of the institute aims to use the resources of both the parties to create a robust, world-class ‘Social Innovation’ (SI) ecosystem in the state. Kautilya School of Public Policy will be the ‘Research Partner’ for TSIC to help build a vibrant ecosystem and will make evidence-based recommendations to enable a conducive administrative and regulatory environment for social innovation to flourish in the state.

The MoU focuses on research areas pertinent to social innovations to facilitate state-of-the-art understanding of SI business models and decision making. They will also identify and explore mutually beneficial opportunities through annual and bi-yearly work plans for engagement through on-ground plans (pilot) projects to generate a solid evidence base for aiding the creation, rollout, and diffusion of the SIs.

Students of Kautilya will also be engaged through research opportunities and capstone projects with TSIC and its sister organizations to provide hands-on experience. Kautilya also will work with various stakeholders to identify government and administrative reforms that will enable an efficient environment for SI’s.

“We are delighted with this long-term collaboration with Kautilya School of Public Policy. We will now be able to use lessons from social innovation pilots that we will roll out together to influence larger policy matters in the right direction. Telangana being at the forefront of many social innovations will be able to create a social innovation ecosystem supported by the learnings from this collaboration” said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries, and IT&C, Government of Telangana.

Sridhar Pabbisetty, Founding Director, Kautilya School of Public Policy, said “With the student-learning dynamics evolving at a constant pace, providing students with a hands-on experience will encourage practical thinking and analytical knowledge. We are elated to join hands with an expert organization where transitions from traditional learning to the first-hand experience will be inculcated.”

“We are excited about the collaboration with Kautilya School of Public Policy and have on boarded them as our research partner. With this strategic partnership, we aim to work on various aspects of creating a sustainable and meaningful social innovation ecosystem in the state. We are jointly working towards implementing innovation and cognitive thinking with the institute on a large-scale for further betterment of the state” said Ravi Narayan, Chief Innovation Officer, TSIC.

“This partnership will enable further an ecosystem of institutions working towards strengthening the policy framework for Social Innovation in Telangana and paves way for making of the policies – modern, contemporary thinking and people centric.” said Viiveck Verma, Senior Advisor – Telangana State Innovation Cell.

The MoU also encourages practitioners from TSIC to host guest lectures at Kautilya School of Public Policy on different practical aspects and subjects pertaining to policy and decision-making. They would also look at establishing a space to be sponsored by multilateral organizations and corporate partners.

About Telangana State Innovation Cell: (

Telangana State Innovation Cell (herein referred to as TSIC) is an initiative by the Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, headed by Mr. Ravi Narayan, Chief Innovation Officer, Government of Telangana. Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) was set up in 2017 under the State Innovation policy to foster an innovation-driven economy in Telangana. Today, it acts as the first response of the State Government for identified innovators, start-ups/entrepreneurs, and innovation catalysts to create an inclusive innovation ecosystem. TSIC is driven by three mandates: To build a culture of innovation among the student community, to promote the culture of innovation in the State, and to foster innovation in the government and administration.

About Kautilya School of Public Policy: (

Founded in 2020, Kautilya School of Public Policy is a State-of-the-art Public Policy School in Hyderabad. Kautilya aspires to combine the Indian ethos, culture, and values with the western frameworks in public policy. With the vision of “Rebalance the role of Society, Government, and Business towards an Equitable and Regenerative India and World” the school is along the lines of ivy

league policy schools in the US.

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