Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society – 241 Social Welfare Students Script Success in NEET and likely to get Admission in Medicine.

241 Social Welfare Students Script Success in NEET and likely to get Admission in Medicine

For the parents- from daily wage earners to roadside vendors to agricultural labourers to security guards to landless laborers to autorickshaw drivers to photographers, it was a moment of immense pride and great joy to know that their children are going to become doctors.   These poor parents have been working day in day out to make both ends meet, and yet they encouraged their sons and daughters to pursue education as it was only ray of hope for a better life.

A whopping 241 students of social welfare residential educational institutions came out with flying colors in NEET 2021 and bagged all India ranks in reservation categories and their joy knew no bounds when they saw their NEET ranks. 48 students secured more than 500 marks in the NEET entrance exam. The success stories of social welfare residential students stand as testament to the fact one can overcome life’s many challenges and achieve the desired goals in life if right opportunities and quality education are provided. All these 241 rankers are likely to get MBBS seats this year, besides, many more students will get BDS seats.

Minister for Scheduled Castes Development Department Koppula Eshwar congratulated the toppers and appreciated the teachers for shaping the destiny of underprivileged students through quality education and running long-term coaching camps.

“What social welfare residential students achieved is not an ordinary feat given their humble family backgrounds” said Ronald Rose, Secretary of TSWREIS. Last year, 135 students joined MBBS course and this year, as many as 241 students likely to get admission in MBBS alone and many more students will get BDS seats as well, an incredible achievement in itself. He congratulated the rankers for their grit and scripting their way to sweet success despite many challenges, Secretary commended the teachers for their transformative role in pulling the poor students from abject poverty and equipping them face the future with hope and confidence.

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