Telangana State Election Commission



A video conference was conducted on 29.04.2021 with the District Collectors, Commissioner of Police/Superintendent of Police, District Medical and Health Officers and Municipal Commissioners where the ordinary elections are being held in 07 Municipalities and Casual elections being held in 4 Wards in 4 Municipalities by the State Election Commissioner.

Instructions were issued on proper conduct of elections duly following COVID protocol like compulsory mask to all the personnel on election duty, wearing of face shield, use of sanitizers at polling stations, marking of rings for que outside polling stations, maintenance of social distancing etc., It was also instructed that any Polling Official with any symptoms of fever or cold shall not be allowed for election duty. The District Medical and Health Officers were instructed to appoint one Nodal Officer at ward level and Municipality level to take care of Health activities and keep Ambulances ready at selected points to effectively deal with any emergencies. Hence Top Priority was given to implement the guidelines to curtail the spread of COVID-19 during elections.

          Today, the poll started at 7.00 Sharp at all polling stations duly following the Covid-19 protocols.  The General Observers and the District Collectors from all the ULBs have reported that at every place of their visit so far the poll is going on peacefully.  At polling stations, the polling personnel are with face mask, face shield and hand gloves.  The old-aged, PWD, pregnant women are given preference in voting.  Volunteers are helping them carrying in wheel chairs.  Voters are also maintaining social distance duly wearing face mask.  They are sanitizing their hands voluntarily while entering and coming out of the polling station.

          On the whole, the polling is going on in all the polling stations smoothly, duly following all Covid-19 guidelines issued by the State Election Commission.

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